Monday, December 08, 2003


Greetings to you all...

As I refer to my bookmarks for the last E-lore of 2003, I end up with sites mostly related to Web Design or Office Management. Anyway lets proceed with E- Lore

BUSINESS WITH BUTTONS : For those people, who would like to create interesting buttons, logos and flashy texts, TomaWeb is a very simple yet effective one. The main advantage of this site is its vastness and variety in fonts. And to top it all, its free without any catches or logins. No surprise that there have been more than a million buttons created with this site in the past six months.
Cool Text is another useful application of this kind. Cool Text is one of the sites that had given satisfactory and free service to Webmasters for long thereby having rendered nearly 9 crore logos. Cool Text is indeed cool if you are looking for Logos with good textres and at good speed. A site much better than the above said two is FreeLogoMakers. If you are a little patient and prepared to understand its complications, Free Logo makers would then be your ultimate stop.It is another wonderful website for this purpose, the USP being its benevolent list of backgrounds.

FEEL FANTASTIC...FEED FREE : If you are an Indian or a person from South East Asia, you should have known a bit or two about the horrible hunger deaths. For those people, who are concerned but dont have the time for it, you too can contibute with Just make a click on their button and you would have sponsored a cup of staple food for an hungry Indian. Special Kudos to the man behind Bhookh, Vikas Sutaria. Please visit this site...Never has one click of yours mattered a lot!

TOOLS FOR SCHOOLS : Gone are the days, where schools were a place for Jacks with all works and no plays. Today much emphasis is made on inducing innovations and interactions whilst teaching amd this starts from the KG Levels. The School Time Directory is a wonderful collection of resources that faciliate free online understanding of the concepts with the help of multimedia, games and quizzes. Kewl for Kids... relief for parents and teachers...

ADDRESS & ANSWERS : With the Internet expanding our circle of contacts every day, remembering our contacts and their vital data becomes a Hereculean Task. Computer Address Books are perhaps the only answer to this problem and as an answer to our Address Books, Biz Office provides a lovely listing of various free downloadable address books, Yours truly has found the services of Free Byte's Custom Address Book cool, customisable and compact.

CALENDAR CRAZY : "Nothing is more precious than time" is a saying familiar to all of us. If you want to know some precious facts about time and get to know some interesting facts and figures, do access Calendar Home. It also offers customised Calendars(Not Free) apart from a host of other services like This Day in History, Calendar Convertor etc. The websites Calendar Zone and Calendopaedia offer a huge lot of information about Calendars and dates. I would also suggest, another impressive site for Calendars and Time. In this stead, if you are interested to know the current time and date at a particular country, simply login to Time Ticker

WEBMASTER'S WORKSHOP: Webmasters would always love to have a dig for free tools and if you havent, why dont you try Freeware Home and Build Free, two fascinating sites in thier own right. I definetely asssure you that a visit to these sites would be worthwhile, especially the latter. A paradise for those netizens who have to be free.

BLOOD BONDS : If I havent talked to you about it yet, Please visit It is a noble site by Mr.Poacha aimed at avoiding any Indian death for the want of blood. The site has undergone a lot of upgrades and has become only better in its job of forming a Bond of Billion Indians for Blood.

Thats my last entries for 2003. Meet u all in 2004, with a lot of exciting E-lores.

Urs always


Hariharan Ragunathan said...

Why this blog is in stand still from 2003 Na...Expecting you a lot of inputs to us through this blog.

R.K said...

Though Older quite useful :) hats off to R.P . expecting a lot from you.