Monday, August 04, 2003

To start with, I will give my Top Ten Websites, as on July 2003. The opinion can be found at titled My BEST BOOKMARKS(As figures in my Top Ten, I feel it need not be elaborated here)

It is really a horrendous task to catch hold of 10 websites out of 10 lakh sites,that you would like the most.Selecting the 10 favourite sites in the Internet is more complicated as we have to give weightage to many aspects,which work out to be highly contradictory.There may be good proffesional sites, but Fan sites may also be equally well worked.There may be a good site that you visit almost everyday,but there are also some wonderful websites that you need not go through much often.There may be some sites,whose purpose makes you to go to the site.All the same there are few sites which would pull you in with their designs.There also exist sites that may either assume global importance,or confine to regional boundaries.And it would be impossible for even Napolean Bonaparte to get a good blend of all these varied parameters into one single website.

Therefore the selection of 10 favourite websites would be a complex one,if you put your mind into play.It has been relatively easier for me to pick my Top Ten Internet Sites,following my heart,and here are MY BEST BOOKMARKS - The Personal Power

It is my personal website.Though I would not like to br narcisstic,I think I had worked well with the design and the content part of the website.And important of all,I understood the hardship faced by a person to involved in creating and more importantly updating a website.I dont think it is a bad or a regulatory fan site,all the same I accept it has miles to go for becoming a noticeable website. and - Proffesional and People Oriented

If you are interested in Internet marketing,you would never want to miss this simple website.The website provides a highly proffesional e-mail campaign manager,which works in a simply flawless manner with amazing e-mail list building and reporting.And their email articles on the current online marketing is a worth read for any Ramesh,Rajesh or Suresh.I simply love this site for its proffesionalism,and simplicity.It is the same proffesionalism and people -oriented aspects that stage high in,the online invitation service.With its good address building, and cool design feautures, would definetely find the favour with all its users.And did I say that both are free services? - Worth a Pat Anytime

’’where there is a will,there is a way’’ is indeed one great example for the above quote.The webmaster may find it hard running the website with his unstable background,but he always gets into the act with the support of his users,for whom it would be a big loss.This site is aimed at providing for free mp3 music, image gallery and other entertainment files (latest and old),and the webmaster does more than a fair job.The ease of dowloading,clarity of the songs,mailing of updates and the design are something stupendous and unique. Making Things Easy

A cool service that lets you quiz your friends online in a simple manner.Moreover it establishes a concrete connection with your mailbox,that it provides e-mail updates on every activity that takes place with your quiz.It may be used as a questionnare alsa,but the most amazing thing is the simplicity with which the process runs.It is very easy to create the quiz and the quiz looks good too.Though it may not sound exciting,your experience would bring you high level happiness.’s a Free Mans World

If you think you would need to strengthen yourself economically for a prospective position in the Internet,you are correct till you login to site is a webmaster’s delight as it offers anything under the net for free,and the quality of the web service is really superb.And things are so easy that everyone from an amaeteur to amazing webmaster can convert his ideas to reality spendind very less on his/her paisa. Simply HeartWarming

Greetings are something special,and they have evolved to one great manner in this Internet.Today you walk into a lot of greeting card sites,that offer you the best of the cards,animated,technology supported so that they become more interactive.These greeting cards are intended to make you smile and go jumpin around.But to me, a greeting card’s end product should be a sense of satisfaction rather than simply rocking.And thats why I found the services of as something special.The beautiful and natural pictures are substantiated with colourful quotations, and melodious music,and the whole process is simple enough.The site relies less on advertising, orients more towards the users, and are constantly updating themselves, all with due respect to mother nature. - Certifying Creativity and Craziness

Fans tend to more creative and more passionate, and easily outdo the proffesional websites,when it comes to celebrity sites.But in the website,this fan of the lovely lady Sonali Bendre Behl has worked heart and soul and pulls you inside with his stunning design and detailed content.The site is as attractive and beautiful as the lady herself.And the site is a testimony to the creativity of the person,which has evolved more because of his craze on the artist. Perfect Mix walked into my life,as the near perfect blend of discussion and interactiveness,I looked upon a website with good quantity of qualitative users.But I never taught that I would go on to get addicted to this website and hone my writing skills.The website is a pleasant one,and you should know better. Guide

I cant imagine a day in the Net without hardly opt for any other search engine,as google provides you with the right answers in the right manner and in right time.I always like to run into a wonderful site everyday,and has been more than an able ally in directing new websites.Its hard to go and speak about,because it can be easily told in two words ’’ THE BEST’’ Paradise on the Net

It is simply heaven of the net,where everything is proffesional,simple,superb and importantly free.I have always loved the Yahooo Group service,and I have the highest regard for its long list of stunning services like Mail,Photos,Geocities,Greetings etc.Yahoo is indeed a gateway that allows an ordinary citizen become a valuable netizen,In one word,it is paradise.

This list is subject to change and frequent updates. For an explorer like me ’’Heard Melodies are sweet.But those unheard are sweeter’’

URS ALWAYS, Rathnavel,

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