Thursday, September 04, 2003


My September Wishes to you all. And let me concisely present my online explorations this August

Actually my blogger and my system had a conflict for the past two days, and that caused a delay in Blogging. I hope the tragedy doesnt continue. So taking the principle "Beter Late than Never", lemme go at the explorations this month....

My exploring has been on a low this week, thanks to yet another DSL cable problem from Dishnet DSL, my ISP which cost me connection for three days. My Rotaract Club Activities kept me as busy as my ENVOTEAM activities. It was very tasking at my proffesional. Yet I ran into a few sites, as usual.

Let me take this oppurtunity to list out my offline sources for knowing about websites. It is mainly through the print media and through advertisements. The newspapers The Hindu, Dinamalar,and magazines Internet Ulagam, Competition Master and AnandaVikatan offer a variety of sites, which is valuable for any online exlporer akin to me. It was in the Sunday's Dinamalar that I came to know about the website GoogleAlert. This is a wonderful website that alerts you through e-mail on new Google websites for a particular keyword. It requires sign up, but a great service for those who want updates and information on every topic.

One of my areas of interest in Worldwideweb has been e-Marketing. And in my continous search of information on Web Marketing, I find the articles from DavidFrey, The Marketing Bible on Best Marketing Practices quite useful. As I was browsing through the comments on his new Audio marketing concept, i came across the website Ez4you computers. The website should be a cool one for beginners, as it offers a good amount of info on various topics like fundamentals, acronyms, Smileys etc, which are very essential at the Neolithic stages

I accidentally landed into the site The site seems a great one for those teachers, who want to create a difference. The site offers quantitative amounts of qualitative links on teaching resources. It also has printable forms that can be used for Classroom Management.A huge links of softwares and books are priced in this website to cater the needs of all aspects of teaching. It also has inspirational cards and posters for teachers. A site all teachers may find cool, which will find their students ultimately cool. I also found that the site also offered a plethora of sites like,, etc for specific audiences.

I always believe that the Internet has redefined the Global Limits of Integration. And if atall, the whole world should integrate for a thing, it should be for the preservation of the environment. As an environmental engineer, and as a explorer, I found it heartening to see A Workshop on Internet for Environmental Communication, and the discussions of thesame being available to the Environment Community

A noteable feauture of my explorations today is the hatred I developed for, a website for free subdomains. I had used the services of the website for various websites, including my new Website Kanika Exclusive. However I found that the particular Kanika Link does not work now,while the site and other subdomains functions smoothly. And even now, does not show up. I can only blame and revert to sites likeminded sites and

The pdf documents have come here for stay, and you always run into pdf documents, if you are in education/proffesional related information search. For those who want to create pdf documents, and do not have working knowledge or Acrobar Writer software, offers a great service Neevia Express. Using this free to try converter service, you can easily and quickly convert your MS-Office files into pdf documents.The converted pdf can also be easily downloaded.

Before I conclude, let my pass over a few sites noted in my diary. At this moment, I should appreciate the increasingly popular Google Ads (in place of regular Banner Ads) for introducing more relevant and useful sites. like these. The AccountLogon Site seems to be interesting. It boasts of a password management software, whereby you can access all online accounts through single password without compromising security. I havent tried the software for the want of time and courage. The site also offers prominent webmaster tools. Speaking of Webmaster Tools, I am reminded of WebMasterToolsCentral that offers a wide range of free & priced softwares,tools that would go well with the Web Designers. The UK based FreeBuilderSite also links to relevant WebMasterTools, apart from elucidating on principles and execution of Websites. The Template Hunter also offers a lot of advanced Webmaster tools, with an eye on Templates.

And that's the LORE this month, and I am looking forward for exploring more sites in the forthcoming week.

Urs always

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