Sunday, October 05, 2003

Friends, Foreigners and Countrymen

Hope you have a October of Oppurtunities. And as I look back on my web experiences in September, I should say I browsed a lot , but my memory has slightly let me down with a few sites. Neverthless let me putforth the E-LORE of the month.

I had discussed with you the plight of the subdomain services offered by, and also recommended you and In that regard, I had come across a Comprehensive Compilation of Free Subdomain Providers/URL Redirecters done wonderfully by I think that would be very useful for poor netizens like me. Speaking of poor netizens, I also believe that the compilation on free web space providers by Free Webmaster Tools is also useful bookmark. Free WebHosts is another great site for info on free web hosts.

One of my prominent tenets has been my absent mindedness. You can trust upon me to remember to greet a friend throughout the year, and forget it exactly on his birthday. To tackle the issue, I had always kept a small pocket diary of birthdays and after being converted into a netizen, I employ the free reminder services. I had been using suggested by my good friend Jude Renil, which has gone on hibernation nowadays. I also came accross the website BirthdayAlarm, but I am not able to set the alarms. I also set sight upon another service called, which I am yet to try out. I believe that Yahoo, Excite and Lycos also provide the service to their subscribers. Another provider E-Cards has shut down it's free service and would be providing premium services only. However the best of the lot is, which has provided my flawless and timely service for more than 2 years. I should thank TheFreeSite for introducing me to this website.

September 27 is an important date in the history of India. It is the birthday of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, one of India's best patriots and my role model. To commemorate the 96th birth anniversary of the martyr, NETKASTLE, Coimbatore's leading browsing centre entrusted me upon building a simple yet special site for the martyr. I built with the help of Geocities PageBuilder , my favourite web building software. During the process, I had the oppurtunity to study a lot of links on Bhagat Singh. I would be using all these links to edit the category Bhagat Singh at, the human edited directory of the web. For your info, I am the editor of the category of my motivator in chief A.R.Rahman. To personally celebrate the Shaheed's birthday, I finally brought the book I badly wanted to buy "BHAGAT SINGH - The Martyr: Experiments in Revolution" by the renowned Kuldip Nayar. I should appreciate the services of Fabmall for this book. They were lightning quick in authorisation and delivery of the product, something which Rediff has to practice a lot.

It has become a fashion amongst the current generation of netizens to have attractive domain names in their e-mail addresses, say, etc. offers a lot of subdomains like,, etc. I had previously trusted, but the service has gone from Unpredictable to poor and then to worse. which was providing free e-mail services to Webmaster previously has now opened its doors for general netizens also, and try your name, etc. All the same I request all the netizens not to take these services more serious, as there has been a sudden closure of free email service in many sites like,,, etc and I had to pay a light penalty for having my account with these sites. If you are inclined on having multiple e-mail addresses, do peruse Free E-mail Provider's Guide or SiteFree's VirtualAve or Free E-mail Addresses Directory.

Before I sign off, I request you all to visit the following sites which interested me in my E-LORE last month.

1. Trade my Traffic, a unique Web Advertising and Promotion Service

2. ReelCards and Cards4Everybody, two scintillating sites for E-greetings.

3., a forum to idealise yoor idolising ideas

4. MathHelper, a Wonderful Calculator Service for all sort of mathematical conversions and calculations, except for Currency Conversions

5., a great site for learning HTML

And thats for good Old september. I am looking forward to look you all next month, with more sites to forward and foreword

Urs always

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